Breaking Benjamin
And I don’t give a shit, but that’s the trifecta! The shitty hard rock bands breaking up trifecta! First, Disturbed announced it was going on hiatus. Then, CKY revealed they’re having trouble. Now, Breaking Benjamin — a band I can not stand — is dealing with internal strife.

Frontman Benjamin Burnley has reportedly fired guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski via email. Seems he was none too happy that the guys worked on a remix of the band’s track “Blow Me Away” without his consent.

Reports claim the two were compensated for the track, which will appear on Breaking Benjamin’s forthcoming “Best Of” compilation, Shallow Bay: The Best Of Breaking Benjamin. Apparently, Burnley knew nothing of this and had a hissy.

The greatest hits set will be in stores August 16 through Hollywood. It also seems that there are some lawsuits being filed against both sides of the dispute. Damn, man. I hope this leads to their demise. Break up, guys — BREAK UP!

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