Stu Block
Iced Earth’s frontman Stu Block says he did not steal a song title that appears on his band’s forthcoming new LP from Symphony X.

“Just wanted to clear something up,” said Stu in an online post. “The song ‘End Of Innocence’ on the Dystopia album was written and named way way way before I ever knew that Symphony X had the same name song on their new album. I have the pro-tools stamped dates to verify it was written before any press release that Symphony X had released. When I found out they had a song called the same thing I WAS going to change it… but the song is about my Mom who currently is battling cancer and I really truly couldn’t change it because of the depth of it.”

Fair enough. I wasn’t even aware their was a hubbub about that online, but apparently, there was.

Dystopia is scheduled for release in Europe on October 17, and in North America on October 18 — through Century Media.

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