Adrenaline Mob
It’s coming soon — like, in a week, dudes.

Who are the Adrenaline Mob? No, not a bunch of grunts and local toughs who drink energy drinks and rape cattle — it’s Mike Portnoy’s new band with Russell Allen from Symphony X. You know who Mike Portnoy is, right? He’s the former drummer for Dream Theater and the ex-touring drummer for Avenged Sevenfold. Yeah, the dude with the rainbow goatee and penchant for funny hats — that guy.

The self-titled EP will available via iTunes as well as sold in physical form at the band’s upcoming shows and online store. Self-produced by the band, Adrenaline Mob features four original tracks as well as a blistering cover of the Dio-era Black Sabbath classic, “The Mob Rules.”

“Releasing the EP gives fans around the world a chance to get a taste of the Mob NOW without having to wait until the full length album comes out at the beginning of next year,” states Portnoy. 

The four songs are called “Psychosane,” “Believe Me,” “Hit The Wall,” and “Down To The Floor.”

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