Fucking bummer, dude. This is awful.

Andrew “Mac” McDermott, the former frontman for U.K. progressive metal outfit Threshold, died in England on August 3 from kidney failure. The 45-year-old musician had spent the previous four days in a coma.

In a statement back in June, Powerworld — another band McDermott was involved with — revealed that McDermott had “serious health problems” for several months.

“Mac played a large part in the story of Threshold and appeared on five studio albums,” says guitarist Karl Groom. “He also sang on numerous fan club releases and live albums. Although I have not seen him since 2007 for the last video shoot in Leipzig, he still remains in our minds and there is a big sense of loss. I have spoken to and seen ex-members of the band over the last two days who are all very saddened by this turn of events. We remember Mac as being so vibrant and full of life, so find this news is hard to accept.”

“Mac had such a big personality and one of the world’s greatest rock voices, it’s so very sad that we lost him so young,” said keyboard player Richard West. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.”

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