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The Physics’ – ‘Love Is a Business’ Album Release

Join Seattle's own The Physics for two shows celebrating the release of their sophomore LP, Love Is A Business, at the Crocodile in Belltown on Saturday, August 6th.

It has been quite a summer treat to get the Sophomore LP from Seattle’s top-notch hip-hop group: The Physics.  The album is one of the most cohesive bodies of work I’ve heard in years. It instantly became that “I can’t decide which track is my favorite, so I’ll simply listen to the whole thing over and over” CDs we all have in our car.

This O’dea High School founded group is comprised of  Thig Natural, Justo, and Monk Wordsmith. All Seattle South End bred. In 2007, they released their debut album Future Talk which gave Seattle their sound. Since then, they have continued to provide their fans with new music whether it be free EP downloads, singles, music videos, etc.

I caught up with Thig to talk a little about life, music, and the new release: Love is a Business (LIAB).

"My favorite cut is Most Days" - Thig Nat

First I asked him what his favorite track was: “My favorite cut is Most Days. Its a song about imperfect relationships, and I think everyone can identify with that. Either that or the title track, Love is a Business. For that song, we took the mic completely out of the studio and set it in the hall and recorded. I think that’s part of the reason the song has a dreamy feel to it, because it was recorded in such an ‘off the cuff’, unorthodox manner.”

However, to each his own Thig! My favorite tracks are ‘Clubhouse’ which has been stuck in my head for weeks now, and ‘Seward Park’ because The Good Sin‘s additions on the hook create this priceless Seattle scene in my mind.

The Physics essentially grew up together. You have actual brother MCs Gathigi “Thig Natural” and Njuguna “Monk Wordsmith” Gishuru, plus vocals from husband and wife duo Mario and Malice Sweet. Does the family atmosphere directly link to the group’s success? Thig tells me it relates to the quality of music which, inadvertently, links to the success. “Creating music is all about comfort level and when we’re all in the studio together, we feel comfortable enough to try new and different things and just clown the entire time if we want to! See: I Just Wanna Beat – nothing is forced.”

"...and if I'm movin' too fast, it's cause these moments don't last."

Seattle’s sound. This is one of my favorite topics, yet so many Seattleites get offended easily.  Honestly? My vote is, indeed, The Physics. It’s a sound that portreys a sincere love for their music, their town, themselves, and who they love. What does Seattle’s sound mean to Thig? 

“In my opinion. Seattle Sound hasn’t been cultivated yet…but there’s a good chance that’s happening now with the talent that’s emerging here and the amount of attention we’re getting. Geographically, the town is unique and I feel people here tend to borrow, stylisticaly, from different regions.- meshing on genres: you’ve got rappers, a DJ, a band, soul singer husband and wife, and a trumpet player. Overall we have this special blend of soul, jazz, hip-hop, and acoustic. Is this an active goal of the group – to create music that doesn’t fit into one box? Definitely not an intentional goal. Things just happened to work out that way. We have these different artists who we’ve built relationships with and we have fun working together and we’re all different individuals with different tastes and preferences. We’re able find a way to incorporate those different elements into our songs that are cohesive.”

I couldn’t agree more Thig. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, DJ Hyphen (one of Kube 93.3’s Sunday Night Sound Session Hosts) always represents for The Physics. Hyphen told me: “Working in the music industry, you’re always asked about your city when you meet with other folks and invariably, they always say that they’ve heard good things about the Seattle scene.  When they ask who I’m feeling the most, without hesitation, I always say The Physics.  They make exactly the kind of music I love most and they do it really well.  Combine their talent with the fact that they’re just cool, down to earth, humble cats, and they’re an easy crew to root for.”

Check out The Physics’ latest: Love Is a Business. You won’t regret it. Can’t make it this weekend? You can also catch The Physics at the Official Bumbershoot Kick Off Party 9/2/11 at The High Dive.