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Best Three Late Night Alternatives to the Seattle Hot Dog

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It’s late. You’ve been out at the bar, or at a show, and now you’re hungry. You’ve done the Seattle dog. It’s good, with the sauteed onions, cream cheese, and a little Srircha … but you’ve done it to death. You still have some get up and go in you and an appetite. What do you do? There’s IHOP, there’s something frozen from QFC, but thankfully, there are also great places serving real food late into the night. Here are the best three: 

The Night Kitchen (Downtown, at Pike Place Market)

From their website:

“Nestled down by Pike Place Market, The Night Kitchen’s warm, welcoming atmosphere pairs with our gourmet comfort food to provide a haven for the late night diner. Chef Avalon Zanoni’s Pacific Northwest-styled take on New American Cuisine incorporates favorite dishes from all over the US.”

Serving comfort food with an artistic flair, The Night Kitchen offers appetizers like poutine with Beecher’s cheese curds and vegetarian veloute. If you’re more health conscious, there’s black bean hummus or roasted vegetable dishes. The entrees are pretty meat heavy aside from the mac & Cheese, but if you’re an omnivore, the lamb burger is amazing. They serve vichyssoise and gazpacho as well as a few lovely salads. Considering the amount of locally sourced and organic ingredients, the prices and portions are entirely reasonable. They offer free wifi, have a great atmosphere, and easy access to the last buses and taxis leaving downtown.

Pel’Meni. Dumpling TZAR (Fremont, between the center of the universe and the Lenin statue)

From their website:

“Hungry yet?  We take an old Russian favorite and add our own local twist, using egg noodle and adding our own mix of herbs and spices. We have two varieties, beef and potato, topped with a variety of curry, hot sauces, cilantro, and sour cream. It may not be like mom used to make, but try us out, bring an open mind, an empty belly and we won’t let you down!”

Don’t tell anybody. This place is our secret. They serve dumplings, potato or beef. That’s it. (OK, you can also get a pickle and a soda.) Here’s how it works: You walk in after a show at Nectar, The White Rabbit, or The High Dive, still dancing, still wanting some good music. You order your dumplings, then walk over to their turntable and select a record from their crates. (The Bee Gees is always a good choice.) Then you go sit in the courtyard and wait patiently with your friends for your dumplings. Your stomach is growling, but that’s OK. Soon it will be full of dumplings. What they bring you is a hamburger-sized to-go box. You open it and there’s a piece of rye bread covering the dumplings. Put that to the side. That’s for after. In the corner there’s a dollop of sour cream. Mix it up with the dumplings and the curry and the cilantro. Then eat. You won’t regret it. After the dumplings are gone, sop up the rest of the sauce with the bread. Then you find a taxi, and go home. Pel’Meni advertises as being open until 2:30AM, but there are reports of them staying open far later than that. Now that you know where it is, and how awesome it is, don’t tell anybody. It’s our secret.

13 Coins (Queen Anne)

From their website:

“As evergreen as its Seattle surroundings, 13 Coins is a timeless Seattle institution where generations have settled in for an unforgettable experience since 1967. Famed for its high backed booths, swiveling captain’s chairs and an exhibition kitchen known for lively, counter-side exchanges, 13 Coins has been host to countless first dates and proposals, family and company gatherings, celebrity sightings, and many late (or “early!”) nights on the town with friends.”

Say it’s 3AM and you’re wearing a tuxedo or evening dress. This is the place for you. The 13 Coins is old time classy. They serve amazing Benedicts with real hollandaise so butter-rich your heart will skip a beat. This is where you go in Seattle for a late night fillet mignon or a veal picatta. The atmosphere is like something out of the Godfather. The staff is professional, and immaculate in their uniforms. The 13 Coins has been rated one of the top five late night restaurants by the Food Network for good reason. It’s an institution. No visit to Seattle is complete without a meal here. Bring your wallet. It’s not cheap.

They say that Seattle closes down after 10PM. Not quite. There aren’t hundreds of options, but there are several great choices in different areas of town. So go out late this summer, and party all night. Remember, after the bar closes, a frankfurter is not your only option. There’s also good food.