She was probably at Lolla
Man, travel is the one thing I truly miss about my days at MTV News. At least four times a year, they were loading me into a plane to go cover some music event, like Lollapalooza. I went to Lollapalooza twice, and had a great time hanging in Chicago, checking out the city, and basically living in Grant Park. There were a ton of hotties at Lolla too, which was nice. Alas, the last time I went, I was in a relationship with a nut, so I didn’t get any nookie.

When I covered Lolla, they never had good bands like Deftones. I did go one year when Pearl Jam and Muse played, but otherwise, it was mostly indie-poop bands like Cold War Kids and The Hold Steady.

This year, of course, the Deftones did play, and of course, I wasn’t there. But after the jump, you can catch professionally shot footage of the band’s set this weekend. Chino even improvises at the end of “7 Words” and starts singing Katy Perry. That’s kind of rad. Check it out, folks.

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