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Poll: Americans Seem To Be Blaming Repubs For Political Gridlock


According to a new CNN poll, Republicans favorability ratings are tanking…

A lot of that anger seems directed toward the GOP. According to the survey, favorable views of the Republican party dropped eight points over the past month, to 33 percent. Fifty-nine percent say they have an unfavorable view of the Republican party, an all-time high dating back to 1992 when the question was first asked.

The poll indicates that views of the Democratic party, by contrast, have remained fairly steady, with 47 percent saying they have a favorable view of the Democrats and an equal amount saying they hold an unfavorable view.

“The Democratic party, which had a favorable rating just a couple of points higher than the GOP in July, now has a 14-point advantage over the Republican party,” adds [CNN Polling Director Keating] Holland.

Not much tea partying in the streets these days. In fact, their numbers are nearly as bad as Repubs. 31% have a favorable view, while 51% have an unfavorable. There are 18% still outstanding who either haven’t heard of the Tea Party or have no opinion, but if that splits down the middle, you’re looking at 40% favorable and 60% unfavorable. Not good numbers for the newcumbents.

Adding more drama to proceedings…it doesn’t look like Americans want to reelect their congressional reps…

Only 41 percent of people questioned say the lawmaker in their district in the U.S. House of Representatives deserves to be re-elected – the first time ever in CNN polling that that figure has dropped below 50 percent. Forty-nine percent say their representative doesn’t deserve to be re-elected in 2012. And with ten percent unsure, it’s the first time that a majority has indicated that they would boot their representative out of office if they had the chance today.

“That 41 percent, in the polling world, is an amazing figure. Throughout the past two decades, in good times and bad, Americans have always liked their own member of Congress despite abysmal ratings for Congress in general,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Now anti-incumbent sentiment is so strong that most Americans are no longer willing to give their own representative the benefit of the doubt. If that holds up, it could be an early warning of an electorate that is angrier than any time in living memory.”

How does that break out by party?

Here are the Dem numbers…

And here are the Repubs’…

Nobody loves the Dems, but note their numbers have improved.

Meanwhile, Repubs have dropped like a rock.

More as it develops…