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Reports claim that an inquest has been launched into the death of a Motörhead fan who was killed after an argument that was started when his friend’s hair was set on fire.

The fire incident happened during Motörhead’s gig back in November at the O2 Academy in Leeds. Andrew Crawford (who I’d include a picture of, but I’m sure even prefer seeing a hot chick) was 44 at the time of his death.

Crawford became annoyed after his friend left the show when a fellow concert-goer burnt his hair in a “foolish and childish” act.

According to police, Crawford was upset that his buddy’s night got fucked, and decided to follow the man he thought was responsible after the concert was over — I guess to talk to dude.

Crawford and his cousin, Neil Chevill, confronted two men, but the argument turned violent; both men were left beaten and unconscious.

Two men have been arrested in connection with Crawford’s death and are currently on bail. No official charges have been brought against them yet.

Entertainment Inquest Launched Into Death Of Motörhead Fan