The Hunter
The special version of Mastodon’s upcoming album The Hunter (in stores September 27) will come with a super sweet lenticular poster…probably — and this is just a guess — of the album cover, which would be fucking rad to own and hang in that room you smoke pot in when the wife’s not around.

For those who don’t know what lenticular means, basically, its that art form you’d see on trading cards for movies when you were a kid…you move them, and the image appears to move. That’s the best explanation you’re going to get out of me.

Along with that sweet news is word that Mastodon have selected “Curl Of The Burl” as the first single from their new album. A digital single will be released for the track on August 16, with a music video following shortly thereafter.

Mastodon is also promising a special 3D experience with each physical copy of the The Hunter; each disc will come with an “Augmented Reality.” This will allow you to turn your face into the sculpture from the album cover, using your computer’s camera. Fucking A, dude.

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