Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine
That means someone’s got the shits. Whenever it’s because of a “band member illness,” that means someone in Megadeth got food poisoning and needs to have immediate access to a toilet at all time.

Poor dude in Megadeth, whoever it is. But because of the shits, Megadeth had to nix their set as part of last night’s RockStar Mayhem Festival at the Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Bummer for Oklahoma, which I hear is quite lovely this year and is overrun with hotties who are DTGIITBH, or down to get it in their butt hole.

The band apologizes to its fans and everyone in attendance at Tuesday’s show and they hope to return to Oklahoma City as soon as possible, the band said.

Of course, Megadeth have a new album called TH1RT3EN coming out November 1.

Entertainment Megadeth Cancel Oklahoma Show Because Of Illness