Make me eggs, woman!
German melodic death metal outfit Night in Gales has inked a deal with Lifeforce Records, who’ll issue the band’s fifth album, Five Scars, on November 7 in Europe and a day later in North America.

A press release claims the LP “successfully combines all of the band’s past trademarks within the typically Swedish melodic death metal sound structure without rejecting new influences and thus making it both the most melodically accessible as well as also the most aggressive effort in the band’s history so far, smoothly rounded off with a killer sound mix courtesy of scene icon Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath).”

That’s what passes for brevity these days.

“We’re back, fuck yeah,” says Night in Gales guitarist Jens Basten. “Seventeen years after initially cooking our very own brew of German melodic death metal, there’s a new album coming your way! Five Scars will definitely be a feast for the melo-death gourmets who might be fed up with all the wannabes who led this great metal style into total insignificance!”

Say what? Them’s fightin’ words, bro. What are you trying to say, and who are you referring to? That’s like telling a group of my buddies, “All my friend’s moms are sluts.” It would matter to them, I’m sure, who I was referring to, specifically.

“Lifeforce Records proved themselves as true epicureans, hence we are proud to be part of the Lifeforce family now,” he added. “Five Scars will be out on November 4, and we’re looking forward to fire up the kitchen with a strong new partner aside!”

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