She hates metal dudes
But that’s not all. Sargon, who’d probably dismember and kill that chick right there, also have a new member, as bassist Kelly Conlon has joined the band. By the way, I shouldn’t project.

Sargon, who are from the beautiful state of Arizona, features former Malevolent Creation and Solstice drummer Alex Marquez. They’ve just signed a new dewal with Old Cemetery Records for the physical release of their debut album, In Contempt.

As in, “You are wearing a fucking Watain shirt to a Watain show? I hold you in contempt of metal.”

The album will drop September 23.

By the way, Conlon is a former member of Death and is also known for his work with Monstrosity. “It’s an absolute honor to be playing with Kelly, for his experience, professionalism, killer bass playing, and on-stage madness are a great fit for Sargon and are sure to crush some skulls live,” the band said in a statement.

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