Van Halen
That’s right, people. Van Halen will not be releasing a new single next week called “Late Term.”

It just isn’t happening, so fucking deal.

The Boston Herald reported Thursday (August 18) that the single would be arriving August 23. The report warned that the information came from “a friend of a friend who is tight with someone in the Van Halen camp.” Translation? I can’t believe they fucking ran with a story based on the friend of a friend of a cat owned by someone who knows someone in the Van Halen camp. That’s fucking shameful. No wonder it was bullshit. Either get it from the dude in the camp, or forget it.

Van Halen entered a recording studio last January to begin recording, their next album. Reports claim the disc is tracked, and could be released this fall.

There has been virtually no information on the subject from Van Halen’s people. Rumors have further suggested that the band pulled out of an Australian festival tour scheduled for late next month. The trek was officially canceled last week.

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