Make a boy's dream come true

Make a boy's dream come true
We don’t usually do shit like this, but we’ve got a dream. A vision, if you will. For years, we’ve wanted to make a feature come to life, but unfortunately, we can not do it alone because we’re not in a touring band, out there on the road, stopping at various rest areas along various highway.

Please help us make our dream come true, bands who read our site — of which there are many, I assure you. All it will require is some cell phone picture footage; with the proliferation of smart phones these days, this should be no problem.
The forthcoming feature will be called “Glory Holes Across America,” and basically, what I need from you bands is simple: When you’re traveling down the highway and need to fill up the van’s tank at some rest stop, go to the bathroom. Even if you don’t have to go, pop in real quick. Just look through some of the stalls, and see if you can find a glory hole.
Take a picture of it, and make a note of where it is (i.e.; men’s room at rest stop on Route 80 before the exit for Farmington), and any distinguishing features (i.e.; there was a phone number for a dude named Joe or whatever was written next to it).

Why do I care? Because glory holes are two things. They are largely a myth in my opinion, as in all my travels across this great land, I have never come across one. But then again, I don’t usually drive in a van through the most remote parts of America; I have only ever seen glory holes in various adult movies.

Second, glory holes — and the idea of them — are fucking hilarious. 

Help me, bands. I need to dispel this glory hole business as myth or prove it as fact. So if you come across a glory hole (i.e.; a hole in a stall dudes put their dicks into for BJs; you’ll know), take a pic, and send it to us with a brief description. We’ll plug whatever you are doing, releasing, or promoting…just help us make this dream a reality.

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