Greg Puciato
Of course, it sounds nothing like Dillinger Escape Plan, but it’s still pretty awesome. Obviously, I was not familiar with the original version, but I’m glad Greg Puciato has introduced me to Oupa.

On his site, Greg posted the cover, which he worked on over the last 48 hours. The cover is of Oupa‘s “Driving,” a song that really is kind of awesome. Oupa is the solo project of Yuck’s Daniel Blumberg. This song is now going to be in my head for hours.

You can hear Greg’s cover after the jump. Here’s what Gregory had to say about the cover: “The song resonated with me, and I dig the album it came from and wanted to record it for fun. Then I figured why not share it and give the album and original artist some exposure, while letting you guys hear me on a non-DEP (or heavy at all) track. So here you go. Recorded in the middle of the night last night and most of the day today. Check the original version out and give the album a listen here if you want.“

Driving(Oupa Cover, Written By Daniel Blumberg) by Greg Puciato

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