She loves Robert Miles
Yes, we know why it is called TH1RT3ENit is Megadeth’s thirteenth record, as you also probably well know.

Also because Dave Mustaine was 13 the first time he laid hand to guitar, and because he was born on September 13.

But it turns out TH1RT3EN has been used before as an album title. Whether Mustaine and Megadeth knew this is another question.

Back in February, Italian artist Robert Miles released an album, also named TH1RT3EN. The album was released through S:alt Records. Hmm.

TH1RT3EN will be released November 1 on Roadrunner Records in North America.

I am sure Dave and the rest of the crew did thorough research to ensure TH1RT3EN had never been used before. I just wonder if they merely assumed no one would figure it out. Luckily, Bravewords did.

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