Amon Amarth and their beer
I want me some of this.

Munster, Indiana-based Three Floyds Brewing Company have announced their latest creation, Amon Amarth Ragnarök beer.

A description of the Imperial/Strong Porter brew made my throat dry, and made me really want a beer: “A beer for the end of ages brewed with our friends in the band Amon Amarth. This Aesir Porter is a robust and hearty beer brewed with local honey and a small portion of smoked malt.

“When Heimdall sounds the Giallar-horn this is the beer to be hoisted by the gods in anticipation of the coming battle,” the description adds.

If you want to be nice to me on my birthday, you’ll get me a case.

Entertainment Amon Amarth Are Latest Band To Be Honored With Own Beer