The Black Album
You may recall that we recently told you that there would be a record paying honor to Metallica’s infamous “Black Album,” and that that tribute would feature DevilDriver and others.

Now, you can hear a preview of that album — right fucking now, you jerkfaced loser.

You can also stream the ICS Vortex track and Callejon cover. Of course, the album will be released with the September issue of Germany’s “Metal Hammer” magazine.

Oh wait, I forgot to give you that link. Silly me. Here it is. And here. So go listen to the snippets and come back and let us know what you think. Winner or coaster?

We are not impressed. And by we, I mean me. My views are not those expressed by any of our columnists — especially Jesse Leach.

The Black Album just turned 20, by the way.

Entertainment Audio: Preview Tracks From Tribute To Metallica’s Black Album