I know some Slipknot fans. Fine folks, actually — despite their love for Slipknot.

Yes, they all mourned the death of Paul Gray, and yes, they’re anxiously awaiting Slipknot’s next move on the recording front — will they or won’t they? They are not getting answers — at least not the kind they want. Corey Taylor says it’s too soon, and Clown agrees.

Poor maggots. These people want new Slipknot tunes like I want Kate Upton’s delicious muff all over my face.

Well, those wanting a new album from Slipknot can — on October 18 — buy Iowa instead, again. Because any self-respecting Slipknot fan owns that disc. Looks like those waiting for new shit will be holding their wangs for a while.

ThePRP claims the 10th anniversary edition of the 2002 LP, named for Slipknot’s home state, will be digitally remastered and feature 2 CDs and a single DVD. ThePRP, all over shit today…but still making bad jokes. Tsk, tsk.

So, Iowa, which cost Roadrunner a fucking arm and a leg due to it’s ultra-expensive packaging, will be re-released. Hurrah!

I wonder if this will make it three times the label’s released this album in some form, because I know Roadrunner loves to re-release shit, like, six months after the initial disc drops. Hmm. Let me ponder.

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