That's twice in one day for Max's sexy visage
In his first comments on the topic, Max Cavalera of Sepultura and Soulfly fame recently spoke to the Web site of his label to discuss his new project with Greg Puciato — you know, the dude from Dillinger Escape Plan. Roadrunner’s competition now? Oh great!

First, Max basically says Nailbomb will never put out another record, much to my chagrin. If you’ve never heard 1994’s Point Blank, you need to fix that immediately. Do so by getting your first taste, after the jump.

“Everybody ask me, ‘Hey Max, are you gonna do another Nailbomb?’ and the answer is always ‘No,’ because we killed Nailbomb on purpose,” starts Max.

“So when Greg approached me with an idea of a project, I said I’ll do it, but it has to be like Nailbomb. I’m gonna share the vocals with Greg. We’re gonna have a bunch of killer guest musicians, and it’ll be the closest thing to a Nailbomb experience. I promise you it is going to be heavy as fuck, angry as fuck, and aggressive as fuck. Me and Greg are pissed off and we’re coming your way!”

My butt just started to spasm. I’m fucking psyched for this, man. Anyone else, or am I the only fucking nerd?

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