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Marilyn Manson Names New Album, Was Astonished By Shia


Captain Manson
Marilyn Manson hasn’t mattered since the 1990s, but that’s not stopping the shock rocker from releasing more subpar music.

In a new post on his Web site, Manson revealed that his forthcoming album will be called Born Villain. Yesterday, Manson released a video for a song by the same name, but it had fat old broads in it with forests of pubery between their dimply thighs, so I spared you.

“While looking to experiment in unlikely collaborations, I met Shia [LaBeouf], and we spent a long night at my studio,” writes Manson on his site. Shia’s supposedly shooting a documentary on the making of Born Villian.

“After seeing ‘Maniac,’ his short film, which is somewhat inspired by ‘Man Bites Dog,’ I was astonished by his directing ability,” Manson goes on. “So I shared quite a few of my favorite inspirations in art, literature, and obviously…film. I was impressed with how Shia digested my world, and made what I’d like to think, is both an homage and a mockery of the history of Cinema. We ended up writing a short film, and just recently released a trailer. The score is from my new album, and is, in the words of Macbeth, ‘full of sound and fury.’

“I find the idea of a yawning MGM lion far more interesting than a roaring one. You ask why we did this? ‘No reason.’”

Astonished. Astonished!!! Does Shia LeBarf seem like someone who could ever — on a personal level, anyways — be described as “astonishing?” To me, he comes across like a dope with no personality.