Van Halen
What would we do without the Van Halen News Desk?

That site must be run by Wolfgang or something, because those peeps get the Van Halen 411 when it happens, as it happens. I think maybe they’ve got a bug in the studio.

The Van Halen News Desk claims the mixing of the new Van Halen album began in July was completed by August’s end. Fucking sick.

The band’s first LP in 27 years to feature original singer Diamond David Lee Roth is scheduled to be mastered the middle of this month, and should take a week, the site says.

Let us remind you, of course, that no one from the Van Halen camp has said word one about a new album, when it might come out, or anything — sans for producer Ross Hogarth, who has tweeted a plenty about the album.

Really, who knows what’s true?

It is rumored Van Halen were the band that pulled out of an Australian festival tour that was supposed to start later on this month. When they backed out, it led to that trek’s cancellation. Other rumors suggest the band that pulled out was Limp Bizkit.

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