That’s it. That is the art for the new Megadeth album, TH1RT3EN. How uninspired. Just Vic Rattlehead, wearing what I think are headphones, with his fucking back to us, standing next to 13 candles. And of course, Megadeth’s logo.

Truly…I’m bored. That album art sucks more than I figured it would. I’m sort of baffled by how bad it is. Oh well. Am I alone? Let me know, people.

Megadeth have also release the track list for TH1RT3EN, which comes out on November 10. The album will boast 13 songs…as if you didn’t know.

By the way, I feel like I’m coming down with a fucking cold here. I hate that the summer’s already over, and fall’s already crawled up our ass here in New York City. What the holy fucking hell is up with that.

The songs on the new Megadeth record include “Sudden Death,” “Public Enemy No. 1,” “Whose Life (Is It Anyways?),” “We The People,” “Guns, Drugs & Money,” “Never Dead,” “New World Order,” “Fast Lane,” “Black Swan,” “Wrecker,” “Millennium Of The Blind,” “Deadly Nightshade”
and of course, “13.”

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