The Bronx

The Bronx
The other day, when I wrote about Anthrax Day being declared in The Bronx, I made a reference to muggings. It was a joke. I love The Bronx. I used to basically live in a place on Maitland Avenue. I also made reference to the fact that the press release I miraculously received seemed as though it was written by people unfamiliar with metal and the metal lexicon, as it were.

Yesterday, I got an email from the office of The Bronx Borough President and I’m thinking I better not get pulled over in The Bronx.

I was informed that the office has a number of proud metalheads who “have been planning Anthrax Day in The Bronx for months” and that the “members of [the borough president’s] executive staff are well-entrenched metalheads, who have been in bands and have ties to the industry, who most definitely ‘get it.’  The Borough President’s son is also a metalhead.”

I apologize to James, Paul, John, and Christopher for my presumptuousness. A thousand pardons.

The email ended by saying that “celebrating Anthrax and the Big 4 concert is a big thing for The Bronx and a big thing for metal. Furthermore, this is not the 1970’s or 1980’s anymore. No one is coming to the Yankee Stadium area getting mugged. The Bronx does have a lot to offer, such as concerts like this, and not negative, outdated stereotypes.”

I’M SORRY. Geesh, it was just a joke!

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