Red Fang
So, it’s Saturday morning. A gorgeous day here in New York City. There are blimps hovering over the city, providing aerial feeds to CBS for the rushed remainder of the U.S. Open. I awoke to the sound of fat broads in a road race.

I would notice every 15 seconds or so, I’d hear no cars (unusual for my ‘hood) but I’d hear some fat broad yell, “Go Gladys.” Or, “You got it, Edna.” After 30 minutes of being woken up every 15 seconds by fat broads, I poked my head out the window. The sun glaring in my still sleepy eyes, I squinted just enough to see that the street had been closed off for some kind of road race. And every 15 seconds, when people ran through the intersection near my building, they’d be talking and that shit woke me up.

I’m also getting email threats from some dude who uses Vision of Disorder lyrics as a handle in his email address, and in a message with the heading “Why you talking shit???,” he wrote “I kno where u at” and then told me to stop playing dumb, “nigga.” NOW, I’m finding out from The-still-not-funny-but-that-won’t-stop-em-PRP that Mastodon and Red Fang are probably going to tour. What a day it’s been already?!

As ThePRP points out, both Mastodon and Red Fang are teasing announcements for Monday — big, exciting announcements.

That probably means they’ll be touring together, and I say “Bravo, Mastodon.” Red Fang kick ass, and why wouldn’t this mean a tour is in the works? Mastodon have a new album coming out — stands to reason they would tour, too, right?

Monday should be interesting. If there are tour dates, come back here Monday to get ’em.

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