Ozzy Osbourne was gifted an iron cross, made from steel taken from the World Trade Center rubble pile, says his wife Sharon, who recounted her 9/11 experience: The Osbournes were staying in a hotel in Manhattan at the time of the attacks.

“That morning we went downstairs for breakfast. The kids and I. And we’re in the dining room and there was Mayor Giuliani…And then all of these men came and whispered in his ear…And he went off…And then we go upstairs, [and we’re] watching the news and then we see what the whole world saw,” says Sharon.

“You can’t take like, this, ‘Oh poor me, I’m so scared.’ I was blessed that I had my family with me. But it leaves you totally numb. And to think now…10 years later, it’s still going on because our men and women from all over the world, not just here [in America], are still fighting.”

Sharon says that on that day, the Osbournes “went up to the roof of the hotel and we were looking down 5th Avenue. There was nothing. There was nobody. There were no birds. There was nothing. It was silent. And that silence is terrifying. We got out of New York…and drove back to L.A. And driving across the country it was unbelievable, just that same eerie silence.”

She claims Ozzy was so disturbed by the destruction he’d seen, he returned to New York to play a concert for the firefighters and first responders who ran to the danger, not away from it.

“They made him this cross, which is made of one of the girdles from the South Tower,” Sharon said. “And when they gave it to him, it was two weeks later, literally, this isn’t an exaggeration, it was still warm [from the burning].”

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