Lamb of God
Oh, happy day!

Today, Randy Blythe revealed why he’s been in New York City recently: He was tracking vocals for the new Lamb of God disc.

I didn’t want to make that assumption, but that’s what he was doing. And today, he will finish tracking vocals for the next Lamb of God album. Rad!

“Today is my last day recording vocals for the new lamb of god. I’ve been in NYC for month now, & I’m tired of screaming all day. YAAAY HOME!,” Blythe Tweeted today.

Of course, regular readers of this site have been getting updates on the new Lamb of God record all the motherfucking time.

Our ongoing series with Chris Adler, the drummer for the band, has been an awesome and revealing look at one of heavy metal’s heaviest hitters, as he goes through the process of helping get an amazing record done.

Or, as I like to say, get down to the business of getting down to business.

You should read the last Adler Chatters, if you haven’t. I actually talk to Chris in an hour, so, come back for future installments.

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