Sophie makes me drool

I’m not familiar with Heaven’s Cry, and I don’t care enough to look into them at this point. But former Despised Icon guitarist Eric Jarrin has rejoined his previous band Heaven’s Cry.

The band returns to the stage after a seven-year absence for a show at Les Foufounes Electriques in Montreal, Quebec, on September 18, supporting Katatonia.

Jarrin also revealed online that Heaven’s Cry will be recoridng too.

“The idea of playing again together is extremely exciting,” says Jarrin. “We all went our separate ways for the past six or seven years, and to come back to work on a new album with everyone’s experiences and successes is really promising! But I wish to warn all Despised Icon fans — this has nothing to do with my previous work. This is a completely different genre, a very contrasting musical venture for me.”

Good. Glad I didn’t check it out then.

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