Go here, and listen to the first audio sample from the forthcoming Metallica and Lou Reed album, Lulu.

Clearly, the collaboration I like to call Metallouca is going to suck MAJORLY.

I couldn’t listen to this without fucking wincing.

I happen to think the Velvet Underground was an iconic and groundbreaking band. But this audio sample is disgusting. I’m not sure what Lou’s going for here, but I’d say it’s “Annoying Grandpa Who Forgot To Take His ‘Head’ Pills.”

It sounds like the rantings of a senile grandpa.

I’m not even jazzed about the music. Man. The sample is from a track called “The View.” How awesome? They named it after that daytime talk show all those old yentas watch. The track will be available as a digital download later this month.

Lulu comes out November 1.

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