Miley has a Big Four...head
That actually would have been kind of awesome, seeing as Exodus or Testament are basically thrash’s five and six, or six and five. You get me? If there were a Big Six, Exodus and Testament would be in it, I tell you. In fact, I have made the argument that maybe Testament should replace Anthrax in the Big Four. But I’m probably just being a dick.

According to a new interview, Exodus were added to the billing of the Big Four concert at September 14 at Yankee Stadium in New York City as the last-minute replacement for Megadeth, when it started looking like Dave Mustaine would not be able to make the gig.

Two days before the Big Four in New York, the rumor mill started churning shit out about Megadeth not playing the House That Jeter Rebuilt.

Rumors suggested Mustaine could undergo surgery for stenosis, a neck and spine condition that he says was caused by “years of headbanging.” Let this be a cautionary tale to you youngsters — take it easy with the headbanging.

Mustaine eventually had a change of heart and decided to go through with the performance, but struggled through the set due to the pain.

Kerry King told those asspirates at Guitar World that “I just felt bad for Exodus, ‘cause they were on the bill. They were working on flights [so they could make it to New York in time for the show]. And that got yanked. I mean, Gary [Holt, Exodus’ guitarist who has been touring with Slayer as the temporary replacement for Jeff Hanneman] is gonna be here anyway, but the [rest of the] band Exodus, I felt bad for them.”

Me too. They never get their proper due.

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