Liv Kristine from Leaves' Eyes
Dutch bassist J.B. van der Wal is a real go-getter. Known for his work with Aborted, J.B. has just revealed he’s joined not one but two bands.

“I’m honored, after already filling in on bass for quite some awesome tours and trips with the Leaves’ Eyes/Atrocity family, which have been nothing else than fun, that I can now call myself a steady member of this awesome group of people,” says J.B.

“I was already writing for [Liv [Kristine’s] solo album from my studio here in the Netherlands, which ‘till now has already been really cool, but actually being able to focus on this, and help with the new Leaves’ Eyes and Atrocity record full on from now, feels great.

“No boundaries writing-wise and a new challenge musically,” he adds. “There is a whole lot of cool stuff coming up, the next months and summer, so I hope to see everybody out there, and I hope everybody likes my contribution to the bands. I’m looking forward to it all!”

So…there’s that. I wish my name was J.B. I would tell people it stands for Joe Blow. Or Jail Bait.

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