You know you want this
By now, you’ve no doubt heard that Metallica and Lou Reed (or as I refer to them, Metallouca) teamed up to cut a record together that called Lulu that comes out in November. By now, you’ve probably heard their song “The View,” and tried to stab your eardrums out with a screwdriver around the 30-second mark, when Lou starts his schizoid spoken word rant about how he’s a magnet and a table or some shit.

Well, if you’re still somehow interested in getting Lulu, you must be deaf. If you are, that’s cool. We’ve got no problem with the deaf. We don’t even feel that bad for them, because their sense of taste probably puts ours to shame.

Anyways, so yeah — Warner Bros. is putting this album out in a special edition package that’s basically a tube you could shove up your ass.


The deluxe edition’s tube-shaped container measures 13 centimeters x 1.24 meters, and will boast a two-disc version of the album, a poster, and three photographs of Metallouca by Anton Corbijn — pictures in which Lou looks at least ten years younger than every one of the dudes in Metallica.

You haven’t heard “The View” yet? Go here, but remember…you can’t unhear songs.


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