Lars Ulrich is perhaps the only person on the planet who is excited about Lulu, the collaborative album Metallica made with Lou Reed.

Metallouca’s Lulu will be out in November.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Ulrich — who plays drums for Metallica, of course — said the forthcoming Lulu makes “[1988’s] …And Justice For All sound like the first Ramones album.”

I’m not sure what he’s going for there. And I don’t care.

“Lou understood we were going to give him something nobody else would,” says Ulrich. “Lulu is almost like two languages. We have m-e-t-a-l in our name. But we can go fucking anywhere and do anything.”

No, Lars — you can’t. Judging from that one song, Lulu will suck harder than an abortion clinic vacuum.

Ulrich also said Lulu had an effect on the writing for Metallica’s next album. Instead of starting with riffs, “James is talking about bringing lyrics in first,” Ulrich said. “What happens if the music is inspired by that?”

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