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Posthumous Blasphemer Hit The Studio For New LP Sessions


They do change their minds
Yes, yes — technical death metal act Posthumous Blasphemer have already started tracking their new album, but I want to talk about chicks, dude.

I recently blogged about how this one girl I could have fallen in love with relegated me to the friend zone, after telling me that she decides — within minutes of meeting a dude — whether she’ll sleep with him. I was basically told by her that if I were going to tap that ass, it would have happened already.

Fucking lame bullshit. After posting that blog, oddly, I have not heard from her since. But I was talking to this other chick the other night, and she said that she once slept with a dude years after initially denying him.

The point here, folks, is that you should never say never. I reject the notion that a person can’t grow on you. I grow on everyone. In fact, every time a girl has given me a chance, she’s fallen in love. It’s because I’m gifted, and actually very nice, deep down inside. But that has nothing to do with Posthumous Blasphemer.

The band have started recording the follow-up to 2008‘s Fracture The Worship. The news was announced by the band’s Fiendharon.

“We will start recording the guitars on September 21st for the new and 5th Posthumous Blasphemer album. Title, publishing label and release date — are to be announced,” he wrote online.

Don’t give up dudes. If she rejects you once, keep trying…not every girl is vapid.