She likes Gorod
Fucking phat!

French tech-death metal act Gorod have entered a recording studio with producer Frédéric “Elmobo” Motte to begin cutting their new album for an early 2012 release.

I am fucking psyched. First Gojira, now Gorod. French people, represent! Elmobo will oversee the recording of the drums, bass and vocals, while all guitars will be recorded by Gorod mastermind Matthieu Pascal at his Bud Records Studio.

The mix and the mastering of the as-yet-untitled LP will be done at Elmobo’s Conkrete Studio by Pascal and Elmobo.

Gorod last released a full-length album in 2009 called Process Of A New Decline. That album, released through Listenable Records, was the follow-up to 2006’s Leading Vision.

In the spring, Gorod put forth an EP called Transcendence which is ungodly. The collection boasts a 15-minute-long new song, one acoustic track, a Cynic cover and two re-recorded songs from the band’s first two albums.

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