That is right, my little ghouls.

Britain’s Orange Goblin will release A Eulogy For The Damned, the band’s seventh album, in early 2012 on CD and vinyl through Candlelight Records.

The disc was recorded at The Animal Farm studio in London and features ten tracks, including “Red Tide Rising,” “Stand For Something,” “Acid Trial,” “The Filthy & The Few,” “Save Me From Myself,” “The Fog,” “Death of Aquarius,” and “The Bishops Wolf.”

Orange Goblin always reminds me of Spider-Man.

I had a cousin who used to call Hobgoblin the “orange goblin,” as opposed to the Green Goblin, who everyone knows from the film.

True Spidey fans love Hobgoblin. He was fucking way bad-asser than fucking Green Goblin. He had fucking glowing red eyes and was pure evil — sorta the Carnage to Green Goblin’s Venom.

OK, yes — I am a total dork for Spider-Man. Same goes for metal. But aren’t we all dorks?

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