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Grave Desecrator Sign With Pulverised Records


I mean, with a name like Grave Desecrator, what other label could you sign with? Pulverised Records is a perfect fit, really.

The Brazilian death metal band inked a new deal with the label and have started work on a new album.

“We’re really ravished to be signed with Pulverised Records, a label that really fits to our music in terms of ideological aspects and works professionally,” said bassist Necrogoat.

“We are sure this partnership will result in a tormenting sonic deliverance that will lead you all to a thunderous and malignant holocaust,” Necrogoat added. “The new album shall come in 2012, and we promise it will not disappoint! It will contain lots of good surprises on it, but with the same infamous essence we have become known for! We are really eager for this release! We are the BRAZILIAN BLACKEST METAL MASSACRE!”

Whatever you say dude. We are excited for you, and will be looking forward to the new filth.