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The House Of Capricorn Exclusive Song Stream: “Coffins & Cloven Hooves”


The House of Capricorn
Hey kids. Rise and shine. It’s time for yet another exclusive here at Gun Shy Assassin. Today, we introduce you — by way of an exclusive, world premiere song stream — to New Zealand-based cult rock troupe The House of Capricorn. If you’ve heard of them before reading that last sentence, bravo — you know about obscure stuff, bro.

The song is called “Coffins & Cloven Hooves” and appears on the House of Capricorn’s sophomore full-length, In The Devil’s Days, which will be available next week, people. Mark it on your fucking calendars, you scoundrels.

The follow-up to 2010’s Sign Of The Cloven Hoof is ten tracks of apocalyptic devil rock. Curious as to what that sounds like? After the jump, at the end of this post, you will have your chance.

According to a press release, and I can agree, the new album “leans towards graveyard doom,” and is themed around a “spiritual pilgrimage into Hell to meet the Lord of Flies, to understand and outline the infernal mechanism, and to witness the revelations that come with His rebirth in the great Morning Star. All of this is enshrouded in a thin veil of the pessimistic, dark cynicism and black humor that underpins antipodean culture.”

So…there’s that.
Check it and tell us in the comments section what you think or come to Facebook and let us know.

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