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Godflesh Continue Writing Material For Next LP


Godflesh mastermind Justin K. Broadrick recently spoke with Decibel for an update on the ongoing writing sessions for Godflesh’s next album.

Writing is happening, but “really, really slowly,” Broadrick said. “I guess because I’ve had my son, it’s slowed things down a bit for us. I mean, Ben Green got married last year and he still holds a very good job, so he’s very busy, we’re both very busy but we have a lot of ideas.”

Broadrick said that Godflesh does not plan on rushing something out to “milk the new-found popularity of Godflesh. I mean, it could take another year before we release something, and even the initial impact of the reformation could have subsided by then, but that’s kind of meaningless, really, it’s just making another really good, cold and bleak record.”

Justin said he’s sure that there’s another great Godflesh record in him.

“And it’s more than in us, it’s in me, it still translates the same emotions that I’ve been struggling with all my life,” he said.