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The Good Wife – ‘Get a Room’


CBS’ scheduling difficulties have forced me to watch the ending of The Amazing Race three weeks running now, and I still can’t get sucked into it.  Right now some woman in full make-up is crying about leaving her child behind while she competed in a reality show, and she’s hoping her little girl will be proud of her.  She’s a child…I think she’ll just be happy her mother is home to show her how to apply mascara perfectly so you can cry and keep a full lash.  Just spit-balling here.

In any case, on with the show (that I care about).  This week’s Good Wife revealed a possible issue with the show’s new format of Eli in-house at Lockhart-Gardner; if Eli is there, does he need to receive a story-of-the-week each episode along with the usual lawyering?  Hopefully not, because this week’s episode shook out like two separate procedurals smashed together to create one hour-long show.  That’s not to cast too many aspersions; all in all, it was an entertaining hour of television that went by quickly and concisely.  However, Will and Alicia working on a medical malpratice mediation (oooh, alliteration) juxtaposed with Eli’s scrambling around in crisis management mode left little time for all the wonderful character development that this show does so well.  That being said, let’s talk about what did actually happen.

The scene of the week, without a doubt, was Cary and Kalinda in Cary’s office.  As so often has happened over the last two seasons, Kalinda arrived to pump Cary for information; this time, he was far less helpful.  In fact he stonewalled her, and actually let a little true emotion slip through his lawyer facade.  The friendship and mutual respect between these two has been nicely developed over two seasons, from Kalinda largely dismissing him at first to them actually feeling affection for each other.  Cary, it seems, thinks that Kalinda’s affection for him was an illusion, just another way for her to solve her case.  Kalinda strongly denies this; Archie Panjabi’s face when Cary hisses that he was just a way for her to get information conveys volumes.  Kalinda is already flailing from the loss of Alicia (when will those two share a scene again, I wonder), and now with Cary also cutting her out she is truly out in the cold.

Also, we have the beginnings of further strife in the Lockhart Gardner fold; Eli is hired to crisis manage a cheese corporation when it seems their product may have led to a disease outbreak in a school.  As he manages from behind the scenes, his role is leaked to the press and his past as someone who cleans up messes is used to smear the very people he is trying to clear of wrong-doing.  After all, if they were innocent why would they need Eli Gold?  The introduction of a leak to the press in Lockhart Gardner is a fun idea; it’s something that could spin into a greater mystery and definitely stir up trouble.  Eli’s case brought two other issues to bear.  First,  the distribution of Kalinda’s services; it’s essentially gospel truth in The Good Wife that if you want something figured out, you get Kalinda on the case.  In this episode, she was shuttled between both camps but how long can that go on before someone steps on someone else’s toes?  And second, the divide of Eli’s business and Lockhart Gardner’s was brought to light when the cheese corporation brought Diane on as independent counsel.  Eli and Diane’s disagreements over phrasing foreshadowed further issues to come; the two businesses must learn to work together or the arrangement will fail.

This episode also marked the introduction of Lisa Edelstein as Celeste, a former flame of Will’s who is looking for a job.  While she was opposing council in this case, she winds up asking Will if Lockhart Gardner would be willing to take her on.  Applause to the writers for not letting this character become an obvious wrench to be thrown into the wheels of Alicia and Will’s relationship.  Instead, she and Will seem much more like old friends; friends with a past certainly, but not one that has any hanging issues.  It’s good to see Will with someone who can read him. After he protested to Kalinda in the season premiere that he doesn’t feel anything, it’ll be interesting to see if Celeste can bring out some new colors and information.

Finally, just a drop of movement on the Florrick’s home life, mostly involving Owen (Owen!) realizing that Alicia is sleeping with her boss and lamenting his loss of the title of “bad sibling.”  Owen is a wonderful foil for Alicia, and to see him ferret out Alicia’s dirty little secret is fun; we never see her actually confess to an affair with Will.  Instead we see Owen make a joke about it and just see in his sister’s eyes that it’s true.  However, the episode doest follow through on the series’ expected ambiguous final moment when Owen asks Alicia if she’s in love.  “No.” she responds. “That’s good,” he says “because it would be so much more complicated then.”  If Alicia is saying that she’s not in love with Will, what is she doing?  Just rebelling, as her brother suggests?  Whatever it is, Alicia claims to not view it as the love affair that her audience does, which means she has no plans on riding off into the sunset with Will.  And if she does fall in love with him…it’s going to get more complicated than this?

And few final thoughts:

-I think Julianna Margulies is growing out those bangs.  Nice to know people are listening to me.

-Was the Cheese Lady wearing a cheese pin on her business suit?  Because if so…that’s pretty funny.

-I love a good exterior shot.  But wow, this show is definitely filmed in New York and not in Chicago.

-Grace and her flash-mob crazy tutor…that’s still happening.  Zach, meanwhile, tells Owen that Peter was unfaithful to Alicia not once but twice.  Those Florrick children always have something going on.

-Lily Rabe got replaced by Nina Arianda…trading New York stage actresses is fun!

-“You all right?” “No.” “Okay.”

-That was some man-on-man kissing on CBS!  That being said, I have no idea what was going on in that scene and Owen’s boyfriend inviting Jackie in was just odd.  Dump the weirdo, Owen.

-Did you all see that blonde guy handing Celeste folders and taking copious notes for her?  That’s my friend Bret.  Hi Bret!  Good job!

-“That was luck.  I thought he’d just get booed.”

-Who’s hotter…Cuddy or Nurse Hathaway?

EDIT: As I consider this episode in the harsh light of day, I wonder if Will actually was the leak.  If he leaked it to the reporter on Diane’s request, that adds another layer to the possible in-fighting; it makes sense, since the reporter was bargaining for an inside track on the cheese fiasco and Diane may have simply been creating a new scandal surrounding Eli to protect her client.  Eli’s statement at the end that the new scandal helps no one is a reprimand.  Eh, I’m not sure…I don’t have the episode DVR-ed anymore so I can’t go over those scenes, but it’s another thought.