How much of a toss up is the GOP nomination right now in these early stages? The title says it all.

Here’s the graph from Gallup, and note how far Rick Perry has fallen.

Forgive me, but this is the type of horserace stuff I find extremely interesting. Because while Herman Cain’s numbers may be the big story here…I think there are two numbers that mean much more.

First, Ron Paul dropped 5 points. Yes, that may not seem like much, but we’re talking nearly 30% of his support.

Second, note the undecided column has jumped by 10%. So GOPers shifted away from Perry, away from Romney, away from Paul and to Cain, but away from EVERYBODY.

I don’t see anybody entering the race at this point since Palin has said she’s done, and there’s a big time enthusiasm gap right now. And with Iowa’s caucuses likely being pushed to December because of all of the primary moves recently, there’s not much time to organize and make things happen.

Do know I think Romney will take it and ultimately lose because he’s the John Kerry of the Republican party…only less politically successful…but it’s an interesting trend nonetheless.

Oh, and Herman Cain doesn’t have a chance in hell to get the nomination. Count on that.

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