She could be in Playboy
According to reports, an Iowa woman is suing legendary rocker Sammy Hagar for allegedly breaking a “secret agreement and distorting the facts” when he wrote in his book about a child he allegedly conceived with her in the late 1980s while he was fronting Van Halen.

In the book, “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock,” Hagar wrote about a former Playboy bunny he met in murder city, Detroit.

The book alleges she later extorted the musician, claiming he was the father of her child, in order to receive support money during her pregnancy.

The Red Rocker denied paternity in the book.

In the lawsuit, filed last Wednesday in Black Hawk County District Court, the woman — who is listed as Jane Doe in the suit — asserts Hagar improperly portrays her in the book as a schemer who seduced him.

The breach of contract and defamation lawsuit said Hagar’s public disclosure of the events in the book violated an agreement the two had and Doe was damaged by having to relive the events, which included the death of the baby, identified as Dylan.

Man, they should’ve just taken this case to “Maury,” dude. Before Dylan died, that is. He could’ve settled the issue of who the real father was.

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