Herman Cain

Election Season is an exciting time to cover politics, especially when you look at all the limelight players shifting in the winds. It may be subtle, but people who want to be involved in the next White House Administration on some level must be making bold moves to capture the national spotlight right now. They don’t want to “look like they want it,” but let’s face it: being asked to run on the Republican ticket would be a huge honor to anyone in politics.

On Friday, I took a look at who DOES and DOESN’T want to be the Republican VP nominee in Running Mate Roundup. (You won’t believe what Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich said this week!)

I also have a piece for you: A Closer Look At VP Prospect Herman Cain. (Learn more about Cain’s business acumen and educational background, as well as the shocking story about how he first became involved in politics!)

And if you love polls and history, check out this week’s VEEP Poll: Which VP Had The Hottest Wife? (Don’t forget to vote for your favorite on our Facebook page! PS… You can also read a few neat stories about the VP’s wives.)



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