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Rev Theory Pull Out Of Hatebreed Tour


I'd rev her theory
So…that means the tour got just a little less douchey. The “Share The Welt” tour, featuring Hatebreed, All That Remains, and Five Finger Death Punch, will now not feature Rev Theory. Oh — huge bummer!

Why? The why is at least slightly interesting, even if you’re not a fan of this band.

Rev Theory guitarist Julien Jorgensen had a fucking tendon in his left hand severed in a beer bottle-opening accident. I know, it sounds weird — and it is.

“A freak accident at a wedding in Las Vegas has forced Rev Theory to cancel all Fall touring plans,” says a press release from the band’s publicist. “The quintet was scheduled to play the 48 Hours Festival in Las Vegas next week-end, followed by a run across the country with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, and Hatebreed.

“While at a post-wedding reception gathering, an individual standing adjacent to Jorgensen was opening a beer bottle without an opener,” the statement continues. I wonder who that fucking genius was?

“It slipped, shattered on the edge, and sliced the guitarist’s left hand on the follow through. The resulting cut has been operated on, and he is unable to perform at this time. A full recovery is expected.”

Oh, dude…if I was this band’s manager, dudes with bats would be on their way to that bottle opening asstard’s house right now to break his fucking knees open.

“I am super bummed that happened, and it is a freak accident,” says the guitarist. “It is a helpless feeling. I feel bad about dropping off the tour and disappointing the fans. As soon as I am able, we will be back on the road.”