She's pretty
I was in a relationship once where the girl would literally attack me and then almost dare me to kill her. It was super healthy. She bit me once, tried to stab me with a sword. A real keeper. She’s someone else’s problem now.

Can you believe that even Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have grappled with domestic violence?

The other night, Sharon described to Piers Morgan on CNN that the couple actually separated when it got particularly violent.

“It’s frightening,” she says, reflecting on a past incident of domestic violence. But “as hard as Ozzy would hit me, I would clobber him back,” she continues. “If ever he went to hit me, I would just go right back for him.”

And that’s the problem? When will you chicks learn that fighting back only makes us more angry? Just take your blows, and let’s move on.

Sharon says the violence led to a separation, but just a brief one. “That one time, when Ozzy was arrested we were parted for three months…by the third month, it’s like, ‘We can make it work,’” she says.

Clearly, they did. Now, Sharon probably beats a defenseless Ozzy behind closed doors. And no one will ever know.

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