I've left girls like this
Not too long ago, I wrote a screenplay that was somewhere between “Gross Pointe Blank” and “The Hangover.” It was a story about regrets, unrealized goals, destroyed love, and ultimately, the cold, hard reality that you can’t go back again. I’m getting to Torche — be patient.

It was my first attempt at writing a movie, and a couple of folks I had met during my MTV News days helped me get the script in front of a few eyes. Ultimately, I was told that the movie was “not enough like anything else.” It was “too different” from the current crop of what was getting green lit, and the ending needed to be “not so negative.”

By the way, if you’re so fucking amped to learn about Torche’s forthcoming album, skip ahead a paragraph or two…when I’ll start talking about Torche again.

I tried changing it, and ultimately, it went nowhere — as so many projects do. I’m thinking I might revisit this script, because when I wrote it, I was in a good place. I had a fiancee I was living with; I was enjoying a severance and starting unemployment. Things are different now, and lately, every time I hop in the shower, I think about the fact that when I get out of the tub, it’s just going to be me in the apartment.

No woman on my computer, checking her email. No broad in bed, sleeping in as I prepare for work. No lady walking around half-nude making me coffee. People tell me I need to look forward more. So why can’t I help looking back? Why can’t I eradicate the burden of the memories of the three girls I probably never should have ended things with? If I wasn’t such a clean freak, I probably wouldn’t shower as much, because it seems to be the only place where I think about the past anymore.

Anyways, I just had to get that off my fucking chest. Torche have begun production on their forthcoming as-of-yet-titled LP.

The band will self-produce the album with Kurt Ballou of Converge set to mix the effort. Look for the new album to be released on Volcom Entertainment in the spring or early summer of next year.

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