The Faceless
So, yeah, this band that rules called The Faceless — I’m not sure what they’re up to.

I’m not sure if they’re trying to gauge interest, or whether they’re teasing something that’s already well in the works, but The Faceless took to Facebook this week with a simple question.

“Do you guys want to see us take Job For A Cowboy with us on our headline tour in February?,” The Faceless asked.

Some speculate this indicates two things: first, that The Faceless will, indeed, be touring in February, which — I think — is a given. These same folks believe this message means they’ll be touring with Job For A Cowboy when they head out in February.

I don’t know.

I’m sure that’s what it means, but maybe The Faceless are just fucking with us. If the tour is happening with Job For A Cowboy, count me in…there’s going to be teenage fotch everywhere, folks.

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