Nick is funny

Nick is funny
Yes, I know that’s not a picture of Mike Patton. That’s a picture of my old college roommate Nick, who is easily one of the funniest dudes I have ever met. I will get to Mike Patton and John Zorn — of whom Nick and I share a great love for — soon enough.

Nick posted this photo on his Facebook page yesterday, and I literally laughed out loud. Not because this used to happen to me constantly when I would take the bus back and forth to New York during my MTV News days.

Nope — I laughed because of the caption, which says a lot about Nick and his sense of humor.

“Made sure he woke up with my hand on his knee.”

Anyways, I just thought that was hilarious.

As much as that happened to me on the bus, I never thought to fuck with the guy who fell asleep on me — I always just wanted to punch him. Nick is a special fucking breed.

OK — Mike Patton has teamed up with John Zorn — as Patton is want to do — for a new Christmas single that I can’t wait to hear. The track also features Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle fame.

Patton and Zorn tackle “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire;” the single’s B-side is a Zorn’s instrumental version of “Santa’s Workshop.”

Order that effort here.

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