It’s about fucking time.

Two years ago, when Morgan Harrington disappeared and then turned up murdered at the hand of a man who still walks free, I remember reading that, on the way back from the bathroom, she accidentally ended up outside of the venue where Metallica were playing a show with Lamb of God — I think. I remember later reading that she attempted to re-enter the venue, and was fucking turned away by security. She ended up leaving alone, and was never fucking seen again.

My first thought when this all went down was, “Well, those fucking security guards really fucked up. If that venue doesn’t get sued, and some laws or practices aren’t changed, that would be tragic.”

Now, reports claims the mother of Morgan Harrington has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the company that provided security at the John Paul Jones Arena, which is on the University of Virginia’s campus in Richmond.

The $3.5 million dollar lawsuit is filed against Regional Marketing Concepts, Inc. which operates as RMC events. Of course, the lawsuit was filed just days before the two year anniversary of Morgan’s disappearance — right before the two year statute of limitations would have run out.

“This gives us the option of moving forward to find some answers,” Gil Harrington said. “We filed a lawsuit to preserve our options.”

I say press on with the suit now. Get them to pay, and get them to change their practices. Like, say — NOT TURNING YOUNG WOMEN AWAY AT THE DOOR AND SENDING THEM OFF FUCKING ALONE!

In the meantime, let’s all hope they find the fucktard behind this tragic crime. Burning in hell isn’t punishment enough for that prick.

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